1200 HP Tugboat


Length: 65’

Beam: 22’

Depth: 8’

Draft: Min operating draft 6’; Max 7′.

Eye Level: 21’ Lower Wheelhouse (26’Upper)

Fuel Capacity: 10,000 gallons

Water Capacity: 8,000 gallons

Engines: Caterpillar C-18’s repower in 2006

Gears: ZF F350 5.95:1

Wheels: Torking-HD 5 Blade 59”x 55”

Shafts: 6”

Generators: 40 kw Caterpillar x 2

State Rooms: 2

Heads: 1

Berths: 4

Tow Winch: Pullmaster Rapid Reverse Model H-25-7-86-4

Located on East Coast


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